85 dogs, along with ten cats, were recently found abandoned inside a house days after the tenant was evicted. Of the nearly ninety dogs, 66 were taken in by the Kootenai Humane Society. The rest of the surviving dogs, some of which were puppies, were taken to foster homes or other nearby shelters. One dog was found dead at the home and another had to be euthanized.

How Did They Know To Look For Abandoned Animals?

After the tenant was evicted a friend informed authorities that there were animals still in the house and that they needed help. The number of animals was not known at that time, but estimated to be around 30. That would have been the largest animal hoard the shelter had ever dealt with. According to an interview with the shelter director Debbie Jeffrey, they were even more surprised to find that the number of animals in the house was actually three times the estimated 30. Possibly more surprising than the number of animals is the healthy shape the animals are in.

How Healthy Are The Abandoned Dogs From Kellogg Idaho?

Jeffrey says that despite the disgusting conditions in the house, the animals are well-fed and healthy. Even more important now as they search for homes for the dogs, all the animals appear to be accustomed to human interaction and that means they can be adopted sooner than regular neglected dogs would be.

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Can I Adopt Or Help The Kootenai Humane Society Abandoned Dogs?

Some of the dogs are puppies and others are older between the ages of three weeks and eight years. All of the animals will need to have a health check and be spayed or neutered before being adopted. You can see the dogs as they become available for adoption on the Kootenai Humane Society website. KXLY has pictures of the rescued dogs at the bottom of their story.

The video below shows some of the dogs as they were found in the abandoned house:

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