A recent video recorded by a boater in the furthest northwestern portion of the United States is heading toward viral status after footage appears to show a moose booking it across a river, appearing as if it were some sort of magical illusion.

A new video upload first discovered on TikTok has now found its way on many other social sharing sights such as YouTube, and it features an animal relative of the deer that some are now calling 'Jesus Moose."

Many of you that see this clip will come to the same determination as I did. This is obviously a boat that is made to maneuver through shallow water, and that this animal is merely running through water that is no more than a couple feet deep. It's also not out of the realm of possibly that the video could have been doctored in some way. Thanks to an evergrowing number of high quality software options, the average seven-year-old kid can edit a Pixar-quality short from his/her bunk bed nowadays.

The footage was apparently taken in Alaska. It joins a dozen or so other wildlife videos to take the Internet by storm this year, with tourist vs bear recordings probably being the most shared. Regardless of how you breakdown this video, it's still pretty neat. Moose are known to traverse water rather easily, and the average adult can reach speeds of close to 40 mph.

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