Depending on what channel you watch for news, you can’t escape My Pillow.

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Commercials for the product air often on Fox News Channel and other selected stations.  The pitchman is the company’s founder, Mike Lindell.  He comes across as a friendly presence and is very enthusiastic about getting a good night’s sleep.  Lindell promotes a product made in the United States.  He has been invited to the White House to take part in forums about Made in the USA.

A friend bought the pillows several years ago and he raves about the comfort.

The product has made him a wealthy man and he’s not shy about his views on politics and religion (many modern business people avoid public discussions on these issues).

A friend bought the pillows several years ago and he raves about the comfort.  Lindell has expanded his reach by selling mattress covers and sheets.

His story appears a tale of American ingenuity and success.

It isn’t quite so simple.

Lindell battled addictions when younger.  To the point it ruined a marriage and left him roaming streets.  This is a man who is lucky to be alive.  He says at one point during his worst days he didn’t sleep for two weeks.

All the while his company was actually making slow progress, which you wouldn’t expect when the founder is constantly away and looking for his next fix.

Then, just as suddenly, he turned his life around.  He found Christ.  You’ll notice he wears a crucifix.  He apologized to family and staff and got back to work on his pillows.  His addiction then became chasing perfection when sleeping.  Millions of Americans don’t get nearly enough rest.  They complain about a lack of comfort when trying to sleep.  Some of us have actual sleep disorders.

Lindell’s latest venture is a nationwide effort to assist other addicts.  His story is one of redemption.

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