TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Crews will install a new pedestrian crosswalk in Twin Falls that will feature signals to stop drivers with solid or flashing lights.

The city of Twin Falls announced installation will start Jan. 17 and should be complete by Tuesday, Jan. 21 at the crosswalk on Washington Street and Caswell Avenue. Traffic will be impacted with one northbound and one southbound lane restriction and reduced speed. Caswell will also be reduced to one lane in each direction.

In July crews installed the electrical equipment needed for the new signals called HAWK, high-intensity Activated CrossWalk. The city says the lights will use solid and flashing red lights to stop traffic to allow people to cross Washington Street.

"Once installed, drivers will be required to stop on a solid or flashing red light. Drivers may proceed on a flashing red light only if pedestrians are not in the crosswalk. Drivers must stay stopped at a solid red light," the city said.

City of Twin Falls
City of Twin Falls
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