Like ducks flocking to a pond, new flavors of Peeps will be visiting a store near you this Easter season.

Peeps Brand says it is releasing several new flavors in time for the holiday. Some of the varieties will be sold at select stores, according to the company, while others will receive a broader distribution.

See if any of these new flavors whet your appetite: fruit punch, Neapolitan chicks filled with chocolate and strawberry (sold only at Target), party cake, pancakes & syrup, sour cherry, sour watermelon (green on the outside, pink on the inside) and vanilla crème. There also are three packages of “Mystery Peeps” sold exclusively at Walmart.

This also is the second year of the Peeps Oreo. It’s everything you’re used to in an Oreo cookie, but with bright marshmallow crème filling.

One other thing: If you plan to buy Easter candy, don’t forget to take a trip down the dental hygiene aisle. You might want to buy some toothpaste to go with your sugary delights.

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