I believe the number of people who’ve quit the Paulette Jordan campaign is more than the number of Jordan signs I’ve seen.  I’m not kidding.

Jordan is angling for a job as an analyst at MSDNC or CNN

I’ve seen one sign in Twin Falls.  Somebody told me last week there was another sign in Jerome.  Jordan’s campaign is imploding.

Columnist Chuck Malloy suggested earlier this summer Jordan is angling for a job as an analyst at MSDNC or CNN.  It’s why she spends much of her time with national media while ignoring reporters back home.

Look, I don’t blame Democrats for their choice.  The other candidate was warmed over from 2014 and could best be described as liberal light.  Back on the East Coast many “moderate” Republicans try and mimic their liberal opponents in the hope people will choose a lighter shade of blue.  If people are already blue, then why would they make a switch to lukewarm?

What is clear is despite the claims of Idaho Democrats the brand isn’t growing.  You can speak of efforts to build from the ground up but there is so little ground.

You can read more about St. Paulette’s crumbling campaign by clicking this link.

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