I’m not just a radio big mouth.  I also live in Lee Heider’s District.  I’ve met the man.  He’s best described as courtly.

When he spiked the effort to legalize CBD oil a reporter says it wasn’t because his constituents didn’t approve.

You would like him if you met him in any social setting.  I’m also disappointed by his actions on HB 577 and I’m not even a cheerleader for the bill.

When he spiked the effort to legalize CBD oil a reporter says it wasn’t because his constituents didn’t approve.

This is from an Associated Press report:  "’The governor's office doesn't want this bill,’ Heider could be heard shouting while explaining why he wouldn't give the bill a hearing.”

“Butch” Otter doesn’t vote for Lee Heider.  I do!  The Governor heads the Executive Branch.  The Senator works in the separate Legislative Branch.  Had he based his opposition on fears snake-oil salesman could start pitching false CBD oil I’d have a better understanding of opposition.

Below is a statement from a man who could succeed Otter and if that happens I don’t expect Raul Labrador will be looking for lackeys.  This is Labrador’s statement:


Boise, ID -- Today, gubernatorial candidate Raúl Labrador released the following statement regarding CBD oil legislation.

“Leaders in Idaho should encourage open, heartfelt debate on important issues.  Which is why I’m so disappointed to see the Otter-Little administration manipulate the legislature, usurp the legislative process, and deny our citizens a voice in this important debate.  That is politics at it’s worst.

If this administration has real valid reasons to oppose the CBD oil legislation, they should present them in a public, open forum.  They should defeat ideas in committee, not hide behind a committee chairman to avoid the public debate. This won’t happen under my administration.

Every Idahoan should ask themselves where the President of the Senate is on this issue? Lt. Governor Brad Little stood on the sidelines while the governor usurped the legislative process.  Unfortunately, this is not the first time he has failed to be the leader the people of Idaho can trust.  This is not the kind of leadership the people of Idaho deserve. This is why I’m running for governor.”


We can do better than, “I’m just following Butch’s orders!”

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