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I saw it while driving home one day.

A large turkey inflatable.  Looking very happy resting in someone's front yard.  I'll admit it's not part of a larger display and I've seen very few other decorations in advance of Thanksgiving but, still.  

we truly did go over a really big hill and along a winding road surrounded by forest.

It's an acknowledgement Thursday is special.  Many people bemoan the lack of attention paid to Thanksgiving but I enjoy the lack of commercialization.  It's one holiday the card makers, malls and toy manufacturers haven't been able to co-opt.  The lack of attention outside our own families truly makes it special.

Meanwhile, the picture above is from one of our office pods at the radio stations.  The lights and decorations went up last week.  There are few reminders around the building Thanksgiving is here, other than the anticipation of a 4 day weekend.

One of our stations launched Christmas music on the 15th and I heard it playing Saturday when I popped into my neighborhood convenience shop.  The thing is, there aren't many songs about Thanksgiving.  When I was in school some 50 years ago we did sing Over the River and Through the Wood.  The song has its roots in New England.  Published in 1844 and it conveys the excitement of Thanksgiving at a grandmother's house.  It still captures the excitement of the visit.

When going to Thanksgiving at the house of one of my grandmothers, we truly did go over a really big hill and along a winding road surrounded by forest.  No rivers but we crossed a few streams.  And the sleigh was my old man's Chrysler Newport.  And I can remember it all as if it was yesterday.

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