Driving to work this morning I was amazed at the traffic prior to 5:00 A.M.  Three years ago I was often alone on city streets early before sunrise.

Are roads safer this January than last January?

It’s not all about the booming population growth in the region.  It must be a sign of a slumbering economy as well now early awake.  The streets are busy and I hit a lot more red lights than I did in the past.

Yesterday I filed my taxes.  The earliest I’ve ever filed thanks to TurboTax.  My return is considerably smaller (by 25 percent) than last year.  It appears I didn’t shell out as much mortgage interest.  Tomorrow is payday and I should see more in my check if it mirrors what I’m hearing from others.  The tax cut is in effect but you realize it means an even smaller return next year.  Do you plan to put away the difference in each check or will you find your expenses rise to meet the so-called windfall?  I bet most people take the spending lane.

This morning I was looking for some note paper on my desk.  I did find a stack of paper with names and telephone numbers.  Are these recent?  I don’t remember.  Did I return your calls?

A final note on driving.  The mild winter we’re told is due to man-made climate change.   Are roads safer this January than last January?  Then bring me more change!

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