For anyone planning a trip to northern Idaho soon, there is a unique, highly-secluded landmark that has sat in the forest for more than 60 years that people can stay over at. Did I mention it's an old, converted fire lookout?

This Fernwood, Idaho, Airbnb has moved up to the top of my list of must-stays in Idaho. Originally built in 1959 by the forest service, this one-bedroom property will run you roughly $200 a night. Forget the amenities, in which there are many, the peace and quiet alone is worth the money.

The Crystal Peak Lookout was relocated from Washington State to Fernwood in the early-eighties, and includes a wood fireplace (wood included), a wood-fired sauna located beneath, kitchen, outhouse and pulley system to raise and lower your belongings if needed.

This is an ideal rental for those who enjoy privacy and spending time outdoors. It's also available all year, so renters can schedule a stay during all seasons. To view the gallery of more than 50 pictures of this incredible Airbnb, click here.

A YouTube video produced by the owner was uploaded in November of 2019 that explains more about the property. The Owner, Kristie Wolf, spent more than $60.000 on the old lookout, which is surrounded by 13 acres of wooded land. Wolf does all the repairs herself.

Fernwood is located 450 miles north of Twin Falls, in Benewah County. The rental has received nothing but positive reviews on the Airbnb website. Hiking, biking and snowshoeing are popular activities one can do when staying at Crystal Peak.

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