BOISE, Idaho (KLIX)-Boise authorities say they arrested one person for trespassing after a crowd gathered outside the Central District Health headquarters Tuesday evening during a meeting that was ended abruptly.

According to the Boise Police Department, 53-year-old Yvonne St Cyr, of Boise was arrested and charged with first offense trespassing after she allegedly refused to leave for not following CDH rules inside the building. Boise Police asked the CDH board to adjourn the meeting because of the crowd outside, reports of protestors causing disturbances at or close to homes of several board members, and other calls for service that evening. "Due to the totality of the events, there was concern that officers would not be able to maintain public order. Officers priority was to deescalate the situation and not create an environment where officers had to use increased force. We also had to ensure we had resources available to adequately respond to needs across the city." Boise Police said in a statement.

Police are in the process of identifying several people who were at three different board members' homes to secure warrants for their arrest on charges of disturbing the peace in the neighborhood.

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