Make no mistake, the police officers charged in the death of George Floyd won’t be convicted.  Then the country’s major cities will burn.  Between toxicology reports and body camera recordings, defense lawyers are going to point to any number of potential causes for Floyd’s death.  The ambiguity will allow the policemen to walk free.

Click on this link and you can get more details from a former federal and state prosecutor.  Simply because some people want vengeance for what they see as years of bad blood between cops and minorities, the law works in a prescribed manner.  We don’t jail or hang people because they’re not popular with certain elements or the entirety of the public. 

For us, it won’t be much more than a TV show.

The logic won’t matter.  Emotions will erupt.  The burning and looting of private businesses will likely be on a scale we’ve never seen before in America.

Considering there won’t be any trials until next year, it’s possible there could be a Democrat in the White House.  That man or woman will be called upon to restore order.  Which will be complicated because in an effort to dismiss President Trump, the liberals made a pact with the mob.

Public opinion, however, will mostly abandon the looters.  The fellow travelers on the American left will lose confidence in Democrats and will seethe.

If Donald Trump remains President, they’ll seethe.

No matter the future, the Angry left will remain angry and become even more radicalized.  Pushing the country to the brink of civil war.  Those of us in rural America will count our blessings.  For us, it won’t be much more than a TV show.

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