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I like Rush Limbaugh.  Even when I was a younger guy and wasn’t nearly as political, I used to find myself laughing at his commentary.  A radio station I was working at in 1990 picked up his show.  Frankly, the Rush of today is a far calmer presence than the Rush of 30-years-ago.  Gone are the parody songs mocking animal and homosexual advocates.

There were times when I would be out covering stories and driving a station car and I would laugh so hard I would need to pull over.

He told me Rush didn’t deserve the Medal of Freedom.

Today, Rush is the Grand Old Man of the conservative movement in America.  His isn’t the stodgy conservatism of David Brooks, Bill Kristol and Rich Lowry, where they ramble on about debentures, tuition tax credits and Ronald Reagan.  President Reagan, by the way, was much more like the Limbaugh style conservative.  A populist looking to restore some fading American values.

Liberals say we only perceive fading or tell us those values were warped.

Friday, I had a telephone caller near the end of my program.  I suspect he was a liberal, however.  I didn’t ask party affiliation.  He told me Rush didn’t deserve the Medal of Freedom.  Especially at a State of the Union event.

A few weeks ago, retired basketball star Kobe Bryant was killed.  You can’t even mention the rape allegations made against Bryant without getting suspended from your job.  Or, at least it’s what some people have experienced.  Of course, Kobe was a liberal and close with former President Barack Obama.  Much like Ted Kennedy, doing bad things as long as you stand for a leftist agenda exonerates past sins.  You can listen to the conversation by clicking on the YouTube video below:

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