They’ve got the White House come January 21st, 2021.  They may pick up the United States Senate after a special election in Georgia.  They still hold the U.S. House of Representatives.  Then why do liberals still appear to be living in fear when it comes to their perceptions of people in fly over country?

One latest example comes out of a Nampa based newspaper.  You can click on a link here.  Political activist Ammon Bundy is recommending people prepare for rough times ahead.  He’s called a conservative activist by the writers of the story.  I’m not sure all of these labels are accurate.  He was more than willing to meet members of Black Lives Matter.  He was vilified by many old allies on the right.  Yet, he explained he wanted to know why they were taking to the streets.  It’s a fair question.  People who believe they’re aggrieved could solve at least some issues by having a dialogue.  Or it’s at least worth a try.

See something called the Second Amendment.  Self-defense is a God given right.

Bundy isn’t the only American training with firearms.  There are record background checks even in heavily blue states.  When he suggests people train in small groups of two to ten, the writers call this a militia.  First, militia isn’t a pejorative.  I understand the way it’s used in media is designed to frighten but there are groups gathering at gun clubs, gun ranges and in back yards to practice their skills with firearms.  It happens all over the country and the same has been true for centuries.

When I was a boy my dad would often take us target shooting after school.  He believed we should know how to properly handle a gun.  Which we’re allowed to possess.  See something called the Second Amendment.  Self-defense is a God given right.

When Joe Biden calls a light rifle with medium power and ease of use an assault weapon, he’s twisting the language in a way that would’ve made Orwell squirm. Biden and his kind insist your right to bear arms is about hunting.  Nowhere will you find such an outlandish claim in the writings of our founders.  When Biden snatched a chain with plans to wallop Corn Pop, you could call that a plan for the use of an assault weapon.  A rock can be used in an assault.  The world’s first homicide didn’t involve an AR-15.  You liberals know by now AR doesn’t stand for assault rifle.  Or you should.  You claim to be the smartest people in the room.

“Be prepared” was a Boy Scout motto when I was a kid.  Message for all you liberal news media types:  Preparation isn’t a crime.  It’s good sense.

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