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Cops aren’t Jonathan Turley.  They handle different aspects of law.  One is a constitutional scholar and the other handle enforcement in the trenches.  And in many ways, elected politicians across the country have left police officers, deputies and troopers out to dry.It’s one impression I got after seeing the video from Meridian.  They may not have explained well their position on constitutional rights but they did ask the playground protestors to call the Mayor and share their concerns. 

It seems the only way to get a redress of grievances is to get a date before a judge.

Critics call the whole thing a set-up by Sarah Walton Brady and her associates.  And?  It seems the only way to get a redress of grievances is to get a date before a judge.  The politicians are turning deaf ears to concerns about our liberties.  Two cases I cited earlier this week, in Kansas and Kentucky, prove some judges still see the country governed by founding documents and not panic.

Liberals, who want a nation run by polling data and their personal feelings also want constitutional conservatives arrested for not following government orders.  Be careful what you wish for.  And let me point out the same liberals back Antifa and prior it was the Occupy Movement.  For the left, civil disobedience is a wonderful thing as long as it furthers Alinskyite goals.  Not so much the cause of liberty.

In one of the videos I watched as Mrs. Brady was being questioned by police, I saw a little girl playing in the background.  About two years old and in a pink dress.  The toddler was skipping and climbing and probably hadn’t been out on a warm spring day in her own memory.  That’s living.  Home confinement isn’t.  It reminded me of two memories from the 1990s.  Playing with my own daughter in a park on a bright sunny day.  She liked feeding ducks.  At nearly the same time I saw a film called Schindler’s List.  It was in black and white but for a scene with a little girl in a red coat.  She’s trying to hide during the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto.  She hides beneath a bed but is discovered by the Germans who smile with glee as they kill her.

As Americans we’re at a fork in the road.

You can watch the video below:

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