I saw the Trump flag fluttering in the wind.  On one of the presidents streets in Twin Falls.  Early street names in one part of the city featured the names of presidents in order of service.  It was a cool and rainy day and I was taking some of the streets as a shortcut.  I came to an intersection, stopped and looked left.  There was the flag, above the house.  This was more than a week after Election Day.

Saturday morning I made a trip to the grocery store.  I passed a neighbor's truck.  A Trump flag was flying above the passenger side.

A Trump flag was flying above the passenger side.

These aren't isolated sightings.  They're common throughout the Magic Valley and I'm sure the same can be said about the vast center of the country.  What are we to make of this after an election?  In 1824, a deal was cut and it put John Quincy Adams into the White House (in Twin Falls, his street is Quincy to avoid confusion with a street named after his father, America's second President).

The younger Adams had been Speaker of the House.  Rumors began circulating about a deal being struck by Adams and Henry Clay to throw the election to Adams in a House vote.  Clay became Secretary of State.  Andrew Jackson was a sore loser.  He called the decision a "corrupt bargain" and fanned the anger of his base for four years.  He was elected to the first of two terms in 1828.  Sending Adams into political retirement.  The rift didn't cause a civil war.  It came a generation later and on different grounds.

I liken 2020 more to 1860.  Because of the Internet chatter I'm seeing.  I posted an old photograph to Facebook on Saturday.  It shows "Beto" O'Rourke and Ted Cruz together at the Houston airport.  All smiles after sharing a flight a few days after Cruz defeated O'Rourke for a Senate seat.  I wrote this is how we should see things after elections.  The comments show some people don't agree with me and they're fighting mad.  To the point I think they're ready to grab their guns and confront liberals.  The beatings applied to Trump demonstrators in Washington over the weekend haven't lessened tensions.

"Unity" candidate Joe Biden appears to be fine when leftists engage in street violence.  Arresting people and passing out tough sentences could lower the temperature.  I'm not seeing much interest even among elites in cooling the passions.


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