People aren’t shy about their political views in Kimberly.  Earlier this week I posted a photograph from a house where the residents make it clear they aren’t voting for Donald Trump.  It’s like a liberal billboard.

The state is already firmly in Mr. Trump’s camp.

On Thursday, a fellow sent me a picture of another house in Kimberly, where the homeowner makes it clear he supports Trump.  I wanted to see the place on my own.  After work I drove over to take a look and was impressed and amused.  The conservative house is two doors away from the liberal house (imagine being apolitical and being in the middle).

The signs are also visible from both decorated homes!  A few blocks away and on the same street I saw another house with a large Trump flag.  Some of these may be left from 2016.  I’m not at all sure you can easily find them this year.  Aside from these few places, I saw very few political signs in Kimberly.  Maybe it’s because there are very few competitive races on the local level.

Twin Falls County Republicans may have some signs available for the Presidential race but the number will be limited in deep red Idaho.  The state is already firmly in Mr. Trump’s camp.

I’ve got to say I enjoyed seeing the dueling signs.  It’s very American.  Big and bold and despite all the media coverage about our cultural divide, it’s fun to see the effort some neighbors put into their causes.

Within a few weeks the two large displays will become somewhat lost among Halloween decorations.

Another Trump house. Picture by Bill Colley..
Another Trump house. Picture by Bill Colley..

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