There was a time when clergy were respected by government.  One has constituency and the other congregants.  There is overlap between the two groups.  As Twin Falls readies to pass a mask mandate, you just might think leaders of various denominations and faiths could get some questions answered.  Will the churches get an exemption?

This coming Monday’s vote has the stench of a fait accompli.

This morning a man had a guest commentary in the Wall Street Journal.  A mask fogs his glasses.  The writer is a Roman Catholic and has tripped on his way to receiving communion.  Do deaths by falls outnumber deaths by coronavirus in this country?  Evidence suggests the answer is yes!

Council members are being told we've got to follow science.  How many of them actually follow God during a pandemic?  If you believe in an Almighty, is He greater than "the science"?  Is God clear on His instructions?  Clearer than the science on masks?

On this week's edition of Pastors Round Table, our participants didn't call it frustration, but getting anyone in government to explain what to expect appears to be an exercise in futility.  Does it say government now holds leaders of faith in contempt?  I get the impression some elected politicians don't like being asked serious and difficult questions.  If that's the case, then step aside and allow some others to fill your seats.

This coming Monday’s vote has the stench of a fait accompli.

Pastors Round Table airs on Newsradio 1310, KLIX.  On Thursday mornings.  You can hear the Round Table response to a mask mandate by listening to the YouTube video below.

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