Tourism is a major industry in Utah.  People come all year round for the historical monuments and it’s the center for one of the world’s major religions.  In winter, the ski slopes are among the most popular in North America.  In the southern part of the state, people come and look at the geological monuments and visit trendy spots such as St. George.

He didn’t seek a new term this year.  In other words, he won’t pay any political price for the decision.

Late Sunday, Governor Gary Herbert ordered a statewide mask mandate.  You can get more details by clicking here.  Social gatherings are also outlawed for the next two weeks.  Herbert is a Republican.  His time as Governor ends in January.  He didn’t seek a new term this year.  In other words, he won’t pay any political price for the decision.  His successor, Spencer Cox, will deal with long term fallout.  Cox currently serves as Lt. Governor.  Herbert delayed the announcement until after Election Day.  Convenient, right?

I’ve been planning a visit to Utah since late last winter.  I postponed due to the pandemic and now it looks as if I won’t be getting there this year.

Herbert is strongly discouraging travel from outside the state.

His diktat resembles the draconian moves made by California’s liberal Governor.  You cannot, repeat, cannot have anyone for a gathering at your home in Utah outside of immediate household.  This is set to expire just prior to the week of Thanksgiving, which may suggest Herbert may someday still have additional political desires.

There are hints a U.S. Senate seat from Utah may soon become available.  Mitt Romney may be headed to Washington, where he would join the cabinet of President Joe Biden.  An appointee filling the Senate seat wouldn’t have to face the wrath of voters for another four years.


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