They were tossed to the lions and other wild beasts.  Early Christians were martyred in arenas to satisfy Rome’s thirst for blood.  The faithful died in prayer and songs of praise.  They met their fate in expectation of meeting their heavenly Father.  Among those watching were hundreds, if not thousands, perplexed by the calm of the dying.  It made many uncomfortable and they left the spectacle questioning what they had witnessed and pondering a power they didn’t understand.  Many would soon become converts to Christianity.

From the Governor down to the Mayor you had elected politicians struggling to manage the public relations fallout.

I was thinking of the stories I was told about when I was a boy after the arrest of Christians last week in Moscow, Idaho.  They were singing and not following the city’s mask mandate.  Many have been angered at what transpired and blame police.  Law enforcement didn’t tear anyone to pieces like the beasts of ancient Rome.  Police simply led away three people.

Then I saw the public and government reaction.  From the Governor down to the Mayor you had elected politicians struggling to manage the public relations fallout.  Because the video is shocking in the Land of Liberty.  People being taken away as the Doxology is heard in the background.  Even many non-believers remember the music from childhood and it stirs memories of hope, promise and happiness.

No, this isn’t ancient Rome, yet.

It’s a country confused about the meaning of liberty and the growing power of a government flailing because it’s not equipped to answer a crisis.  Because government is a human construct.

I’ve concluded more Christians need to quietly be led away.  With praise on their lips.  Without violence against the agents of the state.  Contrast the image with the burning and looting of cities.  Polite civil disobedience has already rattled Idaho government.  Keep it up.  If nothing else, you’ll get to testify in jail and improve the overall quality of inmates.  I recorded a video this past weekend with additional thoughts.  You can click on YouTube below and listen.

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