TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – If you want to get out this Memorial Day weekend but haven’t yet decided on a destination, here are a few suggestions for a great day trip or weekend getaway.

Lake Walcott: Whether you like birding, disc golf or fishing – or all three – this Magic Valley outdoors venue is the perfect place. It has opportunities for it all. Located near Rupert, Lake Walcott is nestled against the Minidoka Wildlife Preserve, where birds and waterfowl of all sizes and varieties make their home. There are places to bring a picnic and camp, trails to go hiking or mountain biking, and there’s even an interpretive center and playground for young people. There’s more, of course. Check it out here.

Yan Lev/ThinkStock
Yan Lev/ThinkStock

Massacre Rocks: Have you ever confronted the Devil’s Gate? You might do just that at Massacre Rocks, a stop along the Oregon Trail in American Falls. Named because of a series of skirmishes that took place here in 1862, the site today is a state park with many opportunities for recreation. Rocks are all over the place, but they are just some of the things that make this venue an interesting study in geology. It’s the same place that a now-extinct volcano once blew its top. When visiting, take your pick of activities – or do it all, if you can: Biking, bird watching, camping, canoeing/kayaking, fishing, hiking and, of course, rock climbing. Want more? Click away.

Three Island Crossing: This state park located in Glenns Ferry makes for a great day trip, but if you want to spend the night there are places for that too – such as the cabins the site offers for rent. They might be booked for this weekend – you'll have to call to check – but there’s still plenty to do in the way of R&R, whether that means “rest and relaxation” for you or “revisiting history and recreation.” There are plenty of opportunities for both. Historically, the site was used by Oregon Trail pioneers who “island hopped” the Snake River in the 1800s. Old wagons and an interpretive center help tell the history of the area, but there are also trails to hike, shade trees to enjoy and fish to catch. For more information, check out the park's website.

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