There was a time when pastors spoke and people listened.  People in pews, on the streets and in government.  This happened in America as recently as the 1980s, although.  It was already greatly diminished as the first baby boomers were taking control of the country.  While not all of them were dope smoking hippies and communists, a large block of the generation was abandoning traditional faith.

One pastor is taking exception with a local government proclamation.  Pastor Paul Thompson from Eastside Baptist Church is publicly responding to the Pride Month proclamation issued by the city of Twin Falls.

it’s the way Americans lived before the 1990s and the country didn’t come apart

Thompson will join us Thursday morning on Newsradio 1310, KLIX.

He has penned a letter to the Mayor.  A portion of the Pastor’s letter reads:

“The best thing we can give our youth is truth. To live out a lifestyle that is a perversion of everything natural and righteous is not loving. It helps no one in the community to promote this kind of perversion. The community is not better, the community is at risk. We are not a stronger community when we promote that which is opposed to truth.”

Earlier this week, the Mayor joined me on-air.  My reaction to the proclamation is simple.  If people want to have a picnic in City Park, I’m not offended.  I’m not a pastor.  Though, I understand Paul Thompson’s argument.  It may appear anachronistic but it’s the way Americans lived before the 1990s and the country didn’t come apart at the seams.  The center held.

Tune in tomorrow for a much more detailed conversation.  Thompson joins us in the 9 o’clock hour.

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