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Every time Rachel Maddow attacks Brad Little, the Governor gets stronger.  The MSDNC anchor has been bashing Idaho’s Governor since last week because he won’t lock up the citizenry as many of his more liberal counterparts have done.  Little is leaving much of the decision making on coronavirus up to local governments.  It’s an Idaho governing style.

if you don’t like Idaho, please, please.  Then don’t ever come here.

I was at an event with Little and his predecessor a few years ago in Hansen.  When I posed a question about property rights, they made it clear in Idaho we trust regular people to make their own decisions.  It’s called liberty, which is a synonym for choice.

After listening to the Governor’s Monday briefing, I could boil the message down to two words:  Personal responsibility.

Mainstream media, especially at the national level, is an auxiliary of the Democrat Party, which sees this “crisis” as an opportunity to remake American society and culture.  In the new paradigm, liberty gets put on a shelf and gathers dust.

While Maddow fumes about decisions made in flyover country, a couple of thoughts…

Why is she still at work?  If she takes the virus seriously she should be locked up in her apartment and can only emerge sometime in October when socialist Andy Cuomo tells her he needs a messenger before Election Day.  Additionally, if you don’t like Idaho, please, please.  Then don’t ever come here.  We won’t be the worse for her not gracing us with her handsome presence.  You can hear Maddow’s fine liberal whine below:

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