TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Authorities say there were only minor injuries in a chain reaction crash south of Twin Falls Sunday afternoon when a heavy duty metal ramp was launched into an SUV traveling the highway. According to the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office, the crash happened at around 3:20 p.m. just north of Hollister in U.S. Highway 93 when a vehicle lost a heavy metal ramp that started the chain reaction crash. One vehicle slowed and swerved to avoid hitting the ramp and was struck from behind by a vehicle following too close.

While emergency crews were responding a semi-truck ran over the ramp causing it to go into the middle of the lanes and was hit by a pickup pulling a boat. The sheriff's office said the underneath of the pickup and the boat was destroyed by the ramp. That caused the heavy piece of metal to fly up through the windshield of what appears to be a Toyota 4Runner, nearly missing the passenger and slightly striking the driver, who sustained only a minor scratch on the neck.

The sheriff's office said one other person was injured when they tried to move parts of the hot exhaust system from the road. The sheriff's office said its important for drivers to secure and check their loads. So far the vehicle that lost the ramp is unknown.

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