TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Twin Falls County says it was hit by ransomware that has caused service disruptions for nearly two weeks. Twin Falls County Commissioners announced their forensic specialist hired to investigate the attack informed them it was ransomware that hit their computer network. Since August 7, Twin Falls County government was hit with internet and communications problems that impacted most departments. Emergency services has not been impacted as much as it operates on a different system. The Division of Motor Vehicles also uses a separate state system. Twin Falls County Commission Chairman Jack Johnson said at this point it appears no personal information was taken. He said it may be more than a week before the system is fully restored. Johnson said the forensic specialist is working on the ransom ware encryption.

Johnson said the day to day business for the county is still going and some offices are able to access internet with hubs set up, while other offices have been using a backup paper system. The sheriff's office and prosecutor's office is a priority to get back up and running normally. Those needing to do business with the county should check with the specific department on whether or not the service can be provided. Johnson said it is a work in progress with that system status changing on a daily basis. Johnson asked citizens to continue to be patient as they work through the situation.

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Lily Pond near Redfish Lake

Lily Pond near Redfish Lake by Stanley

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