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Is Pete Buttigieg married to another man?

Of course he is.  Most people already know it, aside from a voter in the Iowa Caucuses who was surprised when she learned about Mayor Pete’s marriage.  The woman then wanted to withdraw her Buttigieg vote.

We may have same-sex marriage legalized nationwide but many Americans aren’t comfortable with the ruling.

Leftist media and fellow traveling liberals are attacking Rush Limbaugh for talking about Buttigieg and the husband.  You can see the handwringing from CNN by clicking here.

Has Mayor Pete publicly kissed his husband?  The answer is yes and media has covered it in the past, however.  When Rush mentions kissing, somehow it’s gay-bashing.  The popular radio host pointed out the contrast viewers will see if Buttigieg is his party’s nominee and debates the President on TV.

Donald Trump is an alpha male and filled with testosterone and bluster.

Limbaugh is simply speaking a truth.  We may have same-sex marriage legalized nationwide but many Americans aren’t comfortable with the ruling.  Many may even believe same-sex marriage is the business of the couple and aren’t opposed on libertarian grounds and, yet.  Even among this group there may be discomfort viewing a same-sex kiss.  Heck, many Americans are even uncomfortable with touching (a guy named Biden being the well-known exception).

Once you point out the radio host didn’t call anyone by the other f-word or suggest the former Mayor gets paid in three dollar bills, what makes the liberals so angry?

Because it’s Rush Limbaugh.  And if cancer doesn't kill him the lefties still want him silenced.  They don’t want you hearing views they don’t like.

They’ll even argue people shouldn’t be put off by two men kissing but it ignores reality.  “They should be accepting of the cultural shift,” isn’t going to win an election.  I’ve got friends in the same-sex community (some are former coworkers) and they’ll tell you a ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States changes law but not the views of all 330 million Americans.  And national politics is a no-holds barred business.


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