Jack Phillips must have a target on his back.  After the Supreme Court of the United States sided with the Christian baker he’s under attack once again.

Bullying isn’t a good public relations strategy.

You may remember he refused to bake a cake for a same-sex marriage on religious conscience grounds.  A human rights commission in Colorado called him out.  The high court ruled the commission showed open hostility to Phillips.

Now a liberal lawyer claims Phillips is being mean because the baker has refused to bake a cake celebrating a gender change.  The same human rights board is again attacking Phillips, as if a decision by the highest court in the land is irrelevant.  I think this would be called nullification.

Message for the left:  You may be overplaying your hand.  A great many Americans, tens of millions, have been quiet during the culture wars and have maintained a live and let live philosophy.  This may try their patience.  Bullying isn’t a good public relations strategy.

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