TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) Southern Idaho land managers are ready to close several roads in the South Hills for the season. The Bureau of Land Management announced the annual motorized closures for Dry Creek, Cherry Spring, Indian Springs and North Cottonwood Creek starting January 16, and going to March 15. The closures are to prevent damage and protect areas where mule deer winter along with sage-grouse.

“Increased human disturbance from motorized vehicles and off-trail recreation force mule deer to move to lower quality habitat and expend energy that they are trying to conserve,” said Eric Killoy, BLM wildlife biologist. “This, in turn, limits foraging ability and reduces fat reserves essential for survival and reproduction. To sustain healthy populations of mule deer in the south hills and surrounding areas, it is crucial to minimize disturbance during these next few months.”

Burley BLM officials say signs have been installed warning signs to alert people of the upcoming closures. The closures impact motorized travel, such as pickups, ATV/snow machine, and motorcycles. Non-motorized access is allowed during the closures. Any roads or trails connected to the roads listed above are included in the closure. More information or questions can be addressed by calling the BLM Burley field office at (208) 677-6600.

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