There are a lot of people (or so we're told) that secretly applied for a medical marijuana dispensary in Nevada. Funny thing happened, though. It's not a secret anymore.

ZDNet is reporting that the state of Nevada kinda accidentally leaked a bunch of names, addresses and other pretty vital stuff from people that asked for this special permission. Hey, we're not judging.

Oh, and they might have also leaked your someone's height, weight and social security number, too. So, if a charge appears on your bill for a bunch of Cheech and Chong rentals, you'll understand.

Here's a snippet from a security guy on what happened, as reported by ZDNet.

Security researcher Justin Shafer found the bug in the state's website portal, allowing anyone with the right web address to access and enumerate the thousands of applications.

The good news? What happens in Nevada is supposed to stay in Nevada, right?