This week there has been a couple of different avalanche warnings expressed by the Sawtooth Avalanche Center in Ketchum. Several of avalanches occurred this week and a specialist breaks it down, and shows some awesome photos.

Avalanches are pretty common around here, they can be triggered by skiers, hikers, snow shoers, a slight breeze, a sneeze, whatever. The avalanche danger has been high this week in the Sawtooths, especially near Galena. Check out some cool photos of some of them that happened this week. The avalanche danger is still high so please don't go in the area.



I have to admit I learned a lot from these videos. Mostly I learned that my irrational fear that every time I am around snow I am going to get swallowed up in an avalanche is an irrational fear, but totally could save my life by just not going to the snowy mountains. I can't ski or snowboard anyway.

Watching the snow break away like that is really pretty cool. It is especially cool because I am no where near it and I can watch from afar. It also gives a pretty good idea just how volatile the snow pack is up there right now.

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