Can you put a human face on the economic depression?  I spotted a post on Facebook about a Boise restaurant.  Its doors are now closed for good.  The owners spoke with a newspaper columnist about their personal tragedy.  They opened last summer and built a new kitchen.  The place didn’t serve hard liquor but beer and wine along with meals.

Restaurant businesses are notoriously difficult to get off the ground.  This one appeared to be doing well.  Then the Governor, without consulting legislators or local governments, shut down all restaurants.  Then he extended the shutdown.  Then he offered a phased lifting of economic restrictions.

This is a link to the Boise restaurant’s website.  This is the Facebook page link.  The owners have lost everything. 

Can the Governor look these people in their eyes and explain why he ruined them?

Can the Governor look these people in their eyes and explain why he ruined them?  Judas Priest!  Flattening the curve means jack when you’ve personally been flattened.

A state legislator telephoned my show today.  Representative Christy Zito said it would be appropriate for the Governor to issue an apology and admit his mistake.  Don’t hold your breath.  People born with silver spoons in their mouths don’t have a clue how working men and women live.

And stop telling us it was to save Grandma.  I’ve seen some current research and it suggests lock downs didn’t make any serious difference and in some cases where people were confined it may have hastened spread.

As for anger, why shouldn’t we be angry?  The God given rights to religion and assembly have been stripped away by people who can’t string together two sentences.  You can also add freedom of the press because the media has been co-opted as a government propaganda appendage.  This leaves us with speech and redress of grievances among the five liberties in the First Amendment.  When you see how the elites have viewed demonstrators and dissenters, you can pretty much say all five have been tossed on the ash heap.

Qui tacet consentire videtur!  Silence means consent.

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