When a buddy of mine was in high school, he claimed to have seen a UFO.  He was mocked by classmates.  His mom reported seeing the same object.  She was the assistant editor of our local paper.  The two were known as fine and reasonable people.  I’ve never forgotten his sincerity.

Some people believe they’ve spotted a UFO, and some of them are crackpots, but the list is so long that we need to consider some are very credible.  I came across a story from a British newspaper about a distinct sighting in Canada.  Made by a group of men, one of whom is a well-known engineer and military contractor.  What they spotted 11 years ago sure looks like something straight out of Star Trek.

Meanwhile, some researchers at Harvard propose we could be sharing our planet with others.  Check the link here.  While they admit it sounds far-fetched, they explain being impressed by some of the sightings.  The professors are looking for explanations.  They’ve even included angels, who should steam their colleagues at the faculty lounge.

Are we seeing more UFOs?  Yes, but we’re now living and traveling in places where few men used to visit.  And most of us are carrying pocket cameras.  Our ancestors could only offer verbal testimony.  We can bring back evidence, even if it isn’t the clearest picture.

By the way, count me among those who’ve never had an encounter.  Driving home from Jackpot late one night, I was ready.  It was late, the sky was clear and it would’ve made a perfect story for the following Monday morning.  I’m still hunting.  As for frequent local claims, you may be on to something.

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