For the 107th time, the Snake River Stampede and Rodeo will kick off next week. The event is one of the wildest and best family-friendly events in the area.

Snake River Stampede And Rodeo Details

The Snake River Stampede and Rodeo starts on July 19th and runs through July 23rd. It celebrates everything rodeo. There are free events open to the public beginning at 8 am or 8:30 am Monday through Friday. Monday through Friday gates open at 5:30 pm, the pre-rodeo starts at 6:45 pm and the rodeo starts at 7:30 pm. On Saturday, doors open at 10:30, pre-rodeo with the Jr Rodeo starts at 11:15 am and the rodeo starts at noon.

All About The Rodeo

New this year breakaway roping has been added to the events. Free events include Barrels and Breakaway on Monday at 8 am. Team Roping on Tuesday at 8:30 am. Steer Wrestling is Thursday at 8 am and Friday is Tie Down Roping at 8:30 am.

Everything That ISN'T The Rodeo

On Monday and Tuesday, there is a Buckaroo Breakfast from 7 am until 10 am. It is Western-style and it cost $6 dollars per person. Live music will be performed each night by a variety of artists including Hwy 30 Music Fest alumni Kimberly Dunn. Also performing will be Straightaway, Jeremy McComb, Nate Burnham, and Roses' Pawn Shop.

Stuff For The Kids

Every year there is a calf scramble where kids try to catch, halter and lead a calf across the finish line. Mutton Busting is happening for the kids as well. You can also check out all the information about the junior rodeo, rodeo 101, and more at the Snake River Stampede website.

Ticket Pricing

Tickets are still available. Juniors 3-12 years old are no longer free. Children 2 or younger will not require a ticket. Prices range from $13.50 to $35.25 for adults, depending on where you sit. Ages 3-12 and Seniors 65+ are $10.50 to $32.35 depending on seating.

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