I have no idea if I am missing something and I have gotten old and don't know what Rat Fink is or what. But I stumbled across the adventures on YouTube and I have to admit, I am a little obsessed now.

Rat Fink is apparently adventuring a lot lately. The creature is posing at different places around Twin Falls including Shoshone Falls, the ice caves and more. I mean, it looks like it is having a great time.

In all seriousness it is pretty cool that someone is creating these shorts highlighting some of the cool places they are visiting. I personally appreciate I. B. Perrine holding on to Rat Fink and making it feel like it is welcome here.

If you follow them on YouTube they have several different places that they are adventuring and brining Rat Fink along. The additional bit of character they put into the little blue guy is pretty cool. It has its own personality.

But seriously, if you all could let me know what the heck a Rat Fink is or what reference it is, I would greatly appreciate it. According to a quick Google search it is supposed to be an anti-hero to Mickey Mouse but I feel like this thing is way too cute to be that. Maybe that is exactly what the reference is. Either way I am going to be following the adventures for a while now because I am hooked on these shorts.

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