Plans seem to be moving ahead in Gooding County for a new jail facility to be located in Wendell.  At a meeting there last night residents had many of their questions answered about the proposal. 


Some who attended the meeting and were skeptical of the plan said they had their questions answered and felt better about the proposal.  If approved by voters the jail would cost up to $8-million dollars.  It would be built by an investment company and leased back to the county for about $1.15-million dollars per year.  The plans now call for a 150 bed facility which would make over 100 beds available for contracting out to house other county inmates as well as a possible federal contract to house illegal immigrants.  Steps are already being taken to purchase several acres of property south of Wendell along I-84 to build the facility.  Officials say costs are still not finalized and won’t be until the land is purchased and future construction costs are finalized.  Some residents in the area say it could be an economic shot in the arm to the area and the county could reap some income from the property taxes it would generate.

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