If you've ever flown over Idaho's biggest lake with its 111 miles of shoreline, then you might have caught a glimpse of the state's most baffling aquatic anomaly. Some believe that frequent whirlpools occurring on the surface of the nation's 38th largest lake might be created by an ancient water predator.

Lake Pend Oreille is Idaho's crown jewel to the north. It's more than 40 miles long and measures 1,150 feet deep. Scenic Idaho cities such as Sandpoint, Ponderay, and Dover offer stunning vantage points of the massive body of water that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually.

The lake's boating, fishing, beaches, trails, and parks are unrivaled in the state. What also attracts a great many people to the lake are reports of strange sightings involving what appears to be a serpent-like creature that may, or may not, be causing large swirling whirlpools all throughout the waters.


Theories ranging from runoff sediment to a Spinosaurus have all surfaced in regards to these strange water movements. Whatever is causing them, I don't plan on launching my kayak into the waters of Lake Pend Oreille anytime soon.

Idaho is no stranger to reports of lake monsters. A film about the alleged Bear Lake monster is in the works and is scheduled for a 2023 release. The Legendary Bear Lake Monster is the name of the upcoming movie that involves a group of teenagers investigating claims. To view the movie's trailer, click here.

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