Idaho Fish and Game sent out a news release stating that this year they are still offering the mentored waterfowl hunts for disabled veterans that live in southern Idaho.

According to the news release, the Magic Valley Region provides the opportunity for disabled veterans to partake in a waterfowl hunt with some help from a staff member from Idaho Fish and Game.

In years past they have had 4 to 8 veterans participate in the duck hunt in Hagerman and many of these veterans, it was the first time they had ever hunted duck or other waterfowl before.

I think it is a wonderful thing to do with veterans around the area. I am sure some of them have wanted to get out and do some hunting but don't have family or friends willing to go help them. I don't know a better teacher for a hunt than those who work with Idaho Fish and Game, they literally track animals for a living. At least part of the time.

I have never been waterfowl hunting before. I have never eaten duck before actually. If you are a veteran that has participated in this hunt I would love to hear from you, email me at and I would love to hear your experience and if it is something you would do again.

Just another amazing example of Idahoans helping out the community.

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