It could’ve been much worse.  As you can see from the picture above, the car jumped the curb and almost crashed into a propane tank.  It happened at the Oasis at Parkview Drive and Pole Line Road in Twin Falls.  After knocking over a concrete post, the car skidded across the parking lot and took out pumps one and two.

Here’s what we know from witnesses.

A Joyriding Teenager?

A 17-year-old allegedly stole a car and then took law enforcement on a high-speed pursuit.  Speeds reached 120 miles per hour.  The teenager was driving eastbound when he attempted to make a turn southbound from Pole Line Road to the south on Parkview Drive.  As you can see, it compounded his alleged mistakes.  We don’t have a condition report on the driver, but he must have been going like all Hades behind the wheel.  On the other hand, if he was hurt in the wreck, treatment at St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center was across the street.

This happened overnight into Thanksgiving.

A Deadly Stretch of Road

Route 93 is already a tricky highway to drive.  One of my coworkers posted a story about a horrific crash on the highway south into Nevada.  It’s desolated in spots and has some unforeseen turns and curves for the uninitiated.

Also, the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office posted a reminder on Facebook for drivers.  Thanksgiving dinner at the jail leaves a lot to be desired.

We’ll try and post updates about the crash at the Oasis as they become available.  For now, be careful and cautious.  It’s a long weekend.

A Warning From Law Enforcement

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