Don’t let the cold – or the heating bills – get you down.  

As the weather cools down, the heaters in homes turn up, but that means so do the bills. The good news is there are several things you can do to help keep the heat in and Mr. Freeze out.

And, of course, the bills down.

Installing insulation and smart thermostats is a couple of suggestions from Idaho Power, but so are sealing gaps around windows and doors, swapping old outdoor lights for energy-saving LED lights.

Start on these items now to save money later, the company says. It also suggests that you create a plan – and stick with it – to be energy conscious. That means using energy wisely, something you’re bound to do better if you prep your home for the cold ahead of time.

Idaho Power has energy efficient programs and other suggestions to help keep the cold and costs down in your home. Check them out.

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