A Facebook friend from the Boise area had to spend a few days driving a rental car.  It had California plates.  It reminds me of the time I landed at the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Airport and was assigned a rental vehicle with plates from South Carolina.  You Democrats should consult a map.  Buffalo is nowhere near Charleston!

The friend discovered very quickly that other drivers in the Treasure Valley didn’t like him.  They would pull up beside him at lights and tell him to go home.  “It’s a rental,” didn’t fly as an explanation.

Wednesday, I stopped at the Twin Falls Visitor Center to get a closer look at the giant flag flying over the canyon.  Drivers using the electrical charging station were from Washington state and California.  Three vehicles.  If they’re heading east, let’s say through Wyoming, they’ll probably head south for Ogden.  Then east on Interstate 80.  You’ll find them waving for help near Rock Springs.  Heck, you can barely find a gas station along the way, much less a place to charge.  Just ask Jennifer Granholm how this feels!

This isn’t to insult your EV.  I get nasty emails from the granola gobblers because somehow I’m hurting their car’s feelings.  Some EVs are well-engineered.  But range and power issues aren’t going away.

Just for fun, you can test drive one of these “wonder cars” by going to this website.  Idaho Power will ensure you have a charging station nearby.  Just keep in mind, that this won’t simulate the real-world challenges of everyday EV use.

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