One of my compatriots earlier this week posted a story about the upcoming opening of a brand new marijuana dispensary in Jackpot.  Mention marijuana anywhere and there are strong reactions.  I’ve been tracking the comments on his story on Facebook and let me say it’s a far more heated debate than anything I’ve ever read about the county budgeting process.

To complicate matters, today’s dope isn’t your parent’s marijuana.  It’s much, much more potent.

One of my old schoolteachers opened up class one day to a debate on legalizing pot.  He retired from the U.S. Army as a Colonel and he liked to sip alcoholic beverages at the local yacht club.  The pro-legalization students were so passionate about their argument it caused a priceless response from Colonel Williams.  “You guys get higher just talking about it than I do off a 6-pack,” he said.  It got a good laugh.

I was in his class the 1978-79 academic year.  This debate is even older.

Marijuana has been mainstream for 60 years if not always legal.  You would think we would have a deep body of medical literature on the impact.  Law enforcement and doctors tell me we don’t.  To complicate matters, today’s dope isn’t your parent’s marijuana.  It’s much, much more potent.

Part of my job as a talk show host is to play media critic.  If Fox News or National Review produce stories about the dangers of smoking (or other means of ingestion), supporters of legalization would dismiss the pieces as being conservative propaganda.

So, let’s try CNN.  Jokingly known in some corners on the right as the Clinton News Network.  Named after a guy who claims he didn’t inhale (then what’s the point of smoking?).  Click here and read the warning from CNN.  Smoking dope greatly increases the chance of having a heart attack among young users.  Your body, your choice but is it worth it if you’re disabled at 30-years-old?

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