If there is one thing that has been very obvious regarding the current pandemic in southern Idaho, it's that activity on the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls hasn't slowed down whatsoever this summer because of it. One of the latest jumps we came across is a great representation of what an incredible backdrop the Snake River provides these jumpers.

I've mentioned it several times before in these stories I write about BASE jumping, and that is that heights has been my biggest fear since I was a child. I've only walked out on the Perrine Bridge maybe twice since moving to Twin Falls in 2016. My fear is so great, that I can't actually walk up to the railing and look down.

Having said all that, I have developed an admiration for those who take their fear head on, and take the leap of the 486 foot bridge. Every time I see someone jump, I actually tense up on their behalf.

The latest video I came across was uploaded from the channel of SoCalBum. It was shared on August 12, 2020, and the conditions couldn't have been better. The sun reflecting off the Snake River as the jumper left the bridge is worth watching alone.

With the exception of a single oncoming truck, there are no other human beings or motorists in sight at the time of the jump too, which I found to be pretty awesome. It's very rare someone takes the leap without also capturing onlookers, kayakers below or traffic on the bridge.

Great jump. Thanks for sharing the video.

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