Yahoo decided they would determine what the most scenic drive in each state was. In Idaho, they declared Swan Falls Road as the best Idaho has to offer. I beg to differ.

Before I make the case for better options, here's the route they're referring to south of Meridian.

Federal Highway Administration website

If you love eagles, raptors and other birds that could potentially mess up your windshield, there's no doubt a drive into the Birds of Prey area is grand. But, I think Idaho offers better views than that.

For starters, I would take the drive from Sun Valley to Stanley any day over Swan Lake Road.

Sun Valley to Stanley, Google Maps

How can any 'best road' in Idaho not include the Sawtooth mountains?

Photo, Doc Holliday

I could also make a big-time argument for the stellar drive between Sandpoint and East Hope, Idaho.

Sandpoint to East Hope, ID, Google Maps
Google Maps Street View

Bottom line, Yahoo is wrong in my opinion. Better question is what drive in Idaho would you choose? Do you have one that is better than all of these? If so, please share.