Here's a special shout-out to the Southern Idaho Tourism folks for inspiring me. It's not often that I watch a video and then immediately want to get outside and do something.

This is not the first Southern Idaho Tourism that I've been impressed by. They normally do an awesome job, but this one is really stellar.

It begins with Snake River Canyon Park in Jerome then travels to Burley for some water skiing on the Snake near River's Edge Golf Course. After that, it's some actual golfing in Buhl at Clear Lakes Golf Club. For some reason, they get nervous when we get out golf clubs out. It could have something to do with our favorite movie.

Enough with our bad golfing habits. The Southern Idaho Tourism folks grabbed some sweet video of Shoshone Falls with some actual water going over it before they spent some time in the City of Rocks.

There are worse channels to subscribe to on YouTube if you enjoy scenic stuff. The Southern Idaho Tourism people do a nice job.

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