Idaho has a ton of hot springs and one in particular caught my eye called Barney Hot Springs. Apparently, you can swim with some tropical fish while you take a soak in the hot spring.

Barney Hot Springs is located more toward the middle to eastern part of the state near Bear Mountain. It looks like it is in the middle of nowhere from the Google Maps which is pretty normal around here. It is technically on Pahsimeroi Road in the Little Lost River Valley.

According to some research, Barney Hot Springs is warm but not too hot. The spring is roughly around 83 degrees year round so I wouldn't suggest taking a swim during the winter time. However, someone at some point in time dumped some tropical fish, other reports say gold fish, into the pond and now you can swim with them. Some people even report the fish nibbling on their toes as they enjoy the warm water. I hear that is a great pedicure!

One report indicated that the tropical fish may have been wiped out during a flash flood. Other reports say that the pond gets it's name from a large purple fish that was called Barney the locals believed was a monster that like to eat children. Charming

I want to swim with tropical fish! Especially if those tropical fish will essentially play with you! There are some camping sites around the area but nothing too upscale. Pretty much tent camping if you plan on going. There is also an enclosure of logs and the water is only about waist deep. Supposedly the logs were a house in the 1940s that kids would swim under. Crazy! Definitely on my list of places to check out next summer.

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