We wrapped up the show today discussing Islamo-fascism and Christian persecution. Near the end of the segment I shared two stories from the Daily Signal about the slow grinding anti-Christian pressure from the political left. I then shared a tale from Christian Post about China. Christians are being ordered to remove crosses from houses of worship. If they refuse the military sends in the troops and the crosses are toppled. The government in China will have no rivals. We realize China isn’t alone.

Courtesy, Bill Colley

One need only watch a few minutes of the finger-wagging schoolmarm known as Barack Hussein Obama and you can see the big government atheism oozing from his pores. Never forget he once told a foreign audience the USA was atheist. He was referencing a government where prayers are still uttered in Congress but across the globe the people only heard, “America is godless”. A prophecy being fulfilled straight out-of-hell.