More evidence today the creeping madness of the last 50 years in America has accelerated in the Age of Obama.  The culture was already in a tailspin when I graduated high school in 1980.  My tiny Appalachian hometown hadn’t yet been tainted by cross-dressers and devil worshippers but marijuana smoke permeated the air when you walked past the pizza shop on East Main Street.  It was the local teen hangout and parents told us no respectable children would be found there.  As it turns out just about all of my pals who liked pizza and puffed pot eventually found the straight and narrow.  Graduation day was a bracing wake-up call for many.  A volcano called Mount St. Helens had erupted a few weeks earlier and it was a cold summer as the dust still floated in the sky.  The ceremony took place indoors.  The boys (we weren’t men until we crossed the stage) dressed in one classroom and beneath our dark blue gowns wore jackets, ties and dress shoes.  The girls prepared in another room and wore dresses under their light blue gowns.  No one found it strange we wore different shades of color due to our gender.

My volcanic graduation, Courtesy, KLIX library.
My volcanic graduation, Courtesy, KLIX library.

There were some gay men living in my hometown but they didn’t march down the old brick streets waving rainbow flags while wearing G-strings and leather jackets.  They went about their daily lives and commerce just like everyone else and no one much cared about what they did in their spare time.  One of the male couples even attended my mother’s church.  I never knew about their lifestyles until one weekend I was home from college and someone at the diner mentioned they lived together and had a relationship.  Even then I didn’t give it much thought.  At church they wore jackets and ties and they paid their bills and had steady jobs.

I contrast the world of 30-to-35 years ago with the burden we now place on the shoulders of our poor children.  The link you’ll find here makes me wonder just how much more we can debase our culture and still call ourselves civilized.  As explained by the Associated Press the Anti-Christian Licentious Union, known as the ACLU, threatens to sue an Idaho school district.  Why?  Boys must wear dress pants and ties to graduation and girls must wear light colored dresses.  As a fellow who works at the high school told me it makes sense.  The gowns the girls wear are white and the lighter colors are less likely to clash.  The ACLU insists it’s not fair.  The asinine argument being it enforces gender-stereotyping policies!  Would it make the nut cases at the ACLU feel better if clothes were barred during the ceremony?  I suppose it wouldn’t because then it would be apparent the differences between the sexes.  If you’re confused there is a simple solution.  When you climb from the shower and start toweling yourself down you can look in the mirror.  The answer is quite obvious.

Not wanting to be an acronym left behind a federal agency named OSHA is getting into the act as you can read here.  I always thought Occupational Safety and Health meant someone wanted to ensure you didn’t drown in a vat of paint.  Apparently there are concerns men in dresses will get their hems caught in lathes and lose their manhood before the surgeon can actually do the slicing.  He uses anesthetic and peroxide.  I’m sure it’s a somewhat less painful remedy for correcting what you consider nature’s mistake.

I came across this great quote today from Christian blogger Dwight Longenecker.  “They will never learn because that’s also one of the signs of true madness–the self-delusion and insanity goes on forever without a cure,” he writes in a longer missive you can read at this link.  We’ve come so far down the loony path I’m not sure there’s any turning around.

Just as the whacko left started its final ascent in the ‘90s I was interviewing a woman running as a liberal for public office.  When I mentioned something was abnormal she had a curt reply.  Define normal, Bill?” she asked.  When I explained I defined it by knowing what abnormal was a curious look crossed her face.  Abnormal is known when you get a knot in your stomach when confronted by that which isn’t normal.  She wasn’t very friendly after my response.  I guess I made her enemies list.  We’ve got to stop fearing being on Lefty’s bad side.  Ten years ago my closest friends were absolutely opposed to same-sex marriage.  Now they mumble they don’t want their clergy forced into performing the ceremonies.  The other side is waging a war of incremental change and we surrender incrementally.  A parting thought.  Being on Lefty’s naughty list won’t send you to hell.  Being on God’s naughty list is a far more serious threat to your eternal future.  Never surrender!

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