Bernie Sanders claims we’ll be delighted to pay more taxes. He’s talking about the outrageous expense of his healthcare proposal.  He’s also smoking some darned good weed if he really believes you’ll enjoy giving more of your money away to the government.

I don’t know anyone clamoring to pay more taxes.  I pay taxes grudgingly and I want government to be accountable, judicious and efficient with my money.  A few weeks ago I was criticized as anything but a conservative because I’m not in the camp where they don’t want to pay any taxes.

You want to opt out of paying taxes?  I know a perfect cave in the South Hills.

It’s the camp where the anarchists live.

You want to opt out of paying taxes?  I know a perfect cave in the South Hills.  You can huddle there when you aren’t foraging for roots and berries.  You can’t use the roads the rest of us pay for and don’t expect law enforcement or fire departments to respond to any of your needs.  Don’t use my water lines or sewer (but you’ll need to find safe disposal for your waster or I’ll demand you be jailed for fouling the water table!)

You’ll likely end up in jail at some point for exposure, trespassing or theft.  From your perspective you’ll be locked away with other people who also shouldn’t be there.

The rest of us want criminals off the streets.  We don’t want you preying on our kids, neighbors and personal property.

This is why I’m a yes vote for jail expansion.  If we collectively say “No!” then expect to pay the legal costs for the American Civil Liberties Union and the inmates represented by the ACLU.  Then a judge will order jail expansion and we’ll have no say whatsoever in what could be an even pricier outcome.

Last week some fellow had a letter published in a local newspaper.  He suggested instead we tell lawbreakers to find jobs and give up their lives of crime.  Golly, I never knew it was quite so simple.  Why didn’t parents, teachers, pastors, cops, prosecutors and judges ever think of that?

The polls open at 8 o'clock in the morning on November 5th.

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