I couldn’t BASE jump.  Well, I suppose if I was pushed against my will I could give it a try.  One Saturday I walked out to the center of the Perrine Bridge where I planned to talk to some of the adrenaline junkies.  As soon as the steel started shaking beneath my feet I turned around. 

If he slipped and fell a parachute would’ve been useless.

Also, I’ve got issues with heights.  I’m not much for climbing.  Then I saw a guy defying gravity at City of Rocks over the weekend.  If he slipped and fell a parachute would’ve been useless.  He simply wasn’t high enough to slow his descent.  Falling a distance of several stories would also be painful.  Very painful.  It’s not like there are pillows at the bottom and you might bounce off the rock face, too.

A woman appeared to be sketching his ascent from below.  She appeared calm.  This must be a common sport among family.

I enjoyed my trip.  Aside from being worried about the climber’s future.  Heck, the park even has a custom for visitors.  You sign rocks as well as a guestbook!  Been that way for well over 150 years.

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