Today Idahoans will head to the polls and cast their vote in the Idaho primary for a variety of leadership positions including the office of governor, lieutenant governor, congressional seats, legislative positions, county commissioners and a number of other elected offices. Winners of the primaries will go on to run in the general election later this year. Below is a few tips on how to get out and vote today. For a detailed guide on voting hit this LINK. Election results will be shared HERE.

Here is how to find out where you can vote

The following are some brief tips on voting today, see the detailed guide for more information:

You must be a registered party member to vote on the Republican primary ballot.

Any registered voter can vote in the Democratic primary ballot.

You can only vote on one ballot.

Voters that are unaffiliated can register on election day with the party they choose.

You will need personal identification to vote in the primary.

  • Idaho driver's license or Idaho photo identification card
  • U.S. passport or Federal photo identification car
  • tribal photo ID
  • current student ID from Idaho high school or post secondary education institution.
  • conceal carry ID
  • or, you can sign a Personal Identification Card



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